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Professional Websites, Co-Registration Advertising, Marketing Support for unique and savvy companies interested in the fast paced world of the modern high tech Internet Economy.


We specialize in Joomla! / Wordpress PHP and other web platform development, Google Adwords, e-commerce, social networks, online marketing, and SEO for  Public and Private Companies.

Streamlined Designs & Flawless Execution 

The modern investor has discerning tastes and your website is the most visible and accessible representation of your company. You want a website that's fast, easy to use, with a clean crisp look. We want your company's story to be visible and we want it to pop. But we also want potential investors to have easy access to all the information that is relevant to them.

  •    Industry leading practices and procedures
  •    Intuitive design for easy information retrieval
  •    Improve Transparency, Build Faith
  •    Increase international interest
  •    Start a discussion and relationship with investors
  •    Website Designed for your targeted investor's demographic

Reach Out To Your Investors With

  • Direct Investor Marketing – We're always ready to meet your needs and update your investors with your press releases and news     releases.
  • Mass Email Distribution – We blast out your press releases to your email subscribers whenever you want us to. But we also blast that email out to our Zenect publications' email lists. That's a lot of extra eyes on your release!
  • Social Media – We provide full coverage of social media services. Not only do your press release go up on your company's personal social media accounts but also on our Zenect accounts.
  • RSS and Feeds - We provide RSS and other Feed options to make sure your content is constantly available for viewing and syndication.
  • Updates Daily - We'll let you know every day if any comments have been posted on your website. 

Ongoing Content Updates

  • No Human Necessary - Many of our updates are automated
  • Your releases will post to the website we set up, your social media such as, Facebook, and Twitter, and we will distribute it to your subscribers as well as our own. 
  • Press Release notifications are pushed instantly to every page and every visitor on your website
  • We post news on your SEC Filings and financial posts. We can even write synopsis of SEC filings if you desire them, such as private placement agreements and additional raised capital.
  • You don't have to worry about a thing. We become experts on your business and provide a comprehensive and accurate source of information for investors.
  • Updated Calendar – We keep your investors up to date on upcoming events, such as conference calls, investor presentations and media interviews and mentions. We can also blast these updates out to email subscribers if you desire.
  • Keep your metrics, ratios, and statistics updated to most recent filing of your 10k and 10qs.
  • We keep all the crucial information on your management team and board of directors current.
  • We have the capabilities to host your presentations and fact sheets in pdf form as well as links to your conference calls, corporate videos and events.
  • We're ready to make updates whenever you change your IR contacts, transfer agent, auditors, legal counsel, and any other necessary additions or subtractions.
  • Unique Web Content. Any unique content needs you need we meet. We do everything, from images and video to updated information on new products, sites, acquisitions, or facilities. If you want investors or potential investors to know about it we'll get their eyes on it.

International Technology

  • Date Centers in the United States, Europe and Asia-Pacific region.
  • We guarantee 99.9% up-time
  • Website Design Media provides full network redundancy
  • We only buy the industry's best routers, firewalls, and servers.
  • Our sites are protected with Enterprise-class backup and restore technology.
  • Cutting edge security systems and a 24/7 on-site staff.

Investor Contact Options

  • Comprehensive E-mail Solutions – We can schedule and distribute e-mail updates and campaigns to your subscribers, as well as our own.
  • Database Grooming. Allows you to check and manage your subscribers.
  • E-mail relations. Provide opt-out options, monitors undeliverable address and manage bounce e-mails.
  • We also provide confirmation e-mails to all of our publications' subscribers. We've found that confirmation e-mail is important, so we'll do the same for yours.
  • Investor Info Requests.  We can provide a contact information entry system and automatically send potential investors information kits including presentations or media.
  • We use white-listed servers to get your e-mails into as many in-boxes as possible. 

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